Boot Camp revisited

Friends, collies, dogs in training,

Spring is upon us and here I am, back in our caravan. Already I’m in training for this year’s assault on The Munros. We did a nice little fell called Gowbarrow, to get us back into the swing of it and then we were really in the hills the next day, up at Griesdale Tarn. There was lots of white stuff on the peaks which made it v. v. v cold, so I wasn’t allowed to go swimming, which put me in a strop.

The old girl is now nearly 14 and she was struggling a bit jumping up the big rocks but, she’s a gallant old thing and wasn’t for throwing in the towel just yet. I hope I don’t get creaky like her though. It reminds me of how B is when she tries to get up after one of our long walks.

B & M IMG_0774a

In addition to the walking, there seems to be a new dimension to my training this year. Having conquered the poor recall with the whistle and cheese technique, and the chasing of woolly things with sit and cheese technique, we are now going to try and bottom out the fascination with, and nipping of, moving feet. Paws up, I have got a lot worse. Now, just anyone who passes within about 3 metres of me is putting the integrity of the skin around their ankles in jeopardy.

The regime goes like this:

1. Before I have even spotted the enemy ahead I gets a treat. Very nice it is too.

2. Then, we pulls of to the side, I sit nicely and I get another treat. Not bad so far.

3. As they are passing, I am distracted by a fast and constant supply of treats. Can’t complain about that.

4. The icing on the cake. If I have behave well thus far I get a very satisfying quantity of my favourite farmhouse mature cheddar. Good job B and David.

Seems like the diet is off then 🙂

And so to bed, sleeping very happily.

BS1 476

Love Ben  xx

5 thoughts on “Boot Camp revisited

  1. Great news about the diet!
    Must be something in the air because I wasn’t weighed at the vets when I had my latest blood test this week.
    A word to the wise young Ben – nipping humans is a very bad idea. Much better idea is to roll the eyes, wiggle the rump end and then if that fails look sad and a bit neglected. You will be amazed how quickly humans become putty in the paws and find you tasty treats normally on the banned list. Your people will be so pleased with your charming behaviour they will let you have whatever you fancy!
    Good luck with the training and definitely keep away from the white stuff, preferably by a nice warm fire in a pub. Humans in pubs tend to a push over on the treats front.
    Love from Milie


  2. Dearest Ben (I MUST be missing you!),

    Absolutely loved the photo of you and Maisie. I, too, wish you very well with your training regime, and know we will all be the better for it when you successfully complete your course. In the meantime, there is so much that you are good at so we love you very much for the joy you bring us. I know you will enjoy the coming year in the Munro’s with Bea as much as you did 2016. I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Much love


    (Maisie sends best wishes from her perch in the Brackenrigg).


  3. Dear David,
    It was so lovely to hear from you. I hate it when you aren’t sitting in your seat, reading your book and doing that drinking thing. Where are you? Where is the old girl?
    Me and B have been doing a bit of walking and playing ball. We are going to put all my things in my van tomorrow, getting ready for the Munros. Isn’t that exciting? Are you going to come this year?

    Lots of love, Ben xx


  4. Dear Ben,

    NO!!! But I am very touched that you are missing me. I’ll be back tomorrow, and then it will be only a few days before our lovely long holiday in the Lakes. Just a word to the wise: the old girl can still give you a good run for your money on the fells. You should adopt her as your role model – in more ways than one!

    Much love,



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