Paws down for justice

Friends, collies and Millie,

I have just had some disturbing correspondence from my friend Millie, in Norfolk. It seems like she is on one of these diet things too even though, at 12, she is still fit enough to catch cock pheasants. Maybe she was driven to it by the lack of food.

Anyway, I’m starting a new movement (if you’ll pardon the expression), ‘Dogs Against Diets Incorporated’, or DADI for short. Any takers?

I’ll just have a little snooze while I’m waiting for replies.


Love Ben xx

2 thoughts on “Paws down for justice

  1. Hallo Ben,
    Must let you know that I was weighed at the vets this evening and I have lost a whole kilo in the past month! Unfortunately my people seem so pleased they have said that I have to carry on with this diet!
    Monday I almost caught a hen pheasant in the woods to add a bit of decent nutrition to my miserable diet but once again my people stopped me.
    I like the idea of DADI. Tell me more, from your pal inNorfolk,


  2. Dear Millie,

    A hen pheasant as well. That’s very impressive. You’ve have thought a kilo would do it wouldn’t you.

    Well I’m let you know about DADI when we have more takers.

    Sleep well, Love Benxx



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