Learning to grow a thick skin

Friends, collies and resilient dogs,

The soft furnishings at home proved to be a wonderful repository for my reflections on past glories, over the winter months. With a bottle, or two, of Snuffles beer to wash down an ample supply of doggy doughnuts, and a roaring fire in the grate, I found a glowing satisfaction creeping over me. I could settle down nicely to a bit of writing, followed by a very pleasant long snooze.

Unfortunately, I have had to accept the consequences of this more sedentary lifestyle and learn all about the horrible things that people can say to those who are a bit on the portly side. It’s all rather upsetting but I have to take it on the chin, with a stiff upper lip, apparently. First of all it was “getting a bit podgy” and then “he’s filling out a bit isn’t he” and also, “what a chubby tummy”. Finally, Andy confirmed it when I popped on the scales and kept my eyes shut. I came in at a whopping 25Kg. This might be why the old girl objects so strongly when I go in with a running tackle to make sure she doesn’t get the ball.

Now, all my sliver linings, mentioned in paragraph one, are a thing of the past; a distinct golden memory. Even my dinner bowl looks too big for it’s contents.

I’m thinking of starting a campaign, ‘Save Ben’s Tummy’, but not before I have a good sleep. I’m feeling rather weak.

Ben sleeping

Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “Learning to grow a thick skin

  1. I think you and I are being very badly treated. My bowl is now too big for what they put in it. My Dad was horrified by the reading on the scales recently so I have been told I MUST lose weight. I won’t tell you what the reading was as it is far too personal for a dog like me. It all seems a big fuss for nothing. Why, only the other day I managed to grab a cock pheasant whilst still on my extender. Not bad for a dog heading for 12 who has also been very ill. So why, oh why, do I need to lose weight?
    In comradely sympathy,
    Millie in Norfolk
    P.S. To add insult to injury they helped the pheasant to escape leaving me with just a few feathers!


  2. Oh Millie,

    so it’s not just my tummy that needs to be saved. Even when we are both fit enough to do very agile things.

    This calls for action, watch out for my next blog.

    Love Ben xx



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