Aw, my van is in hospital

Friends, collies and garage guard dogs

It was very sad to see my van towed away a couple of days ago and I shed a tear or two. B & David have done sterling work over the winter so far, keeping it going. Our magic jump start kit added umph when it was too much like hard work for the battery – in sub Zero temperatures – and we found a move a day keeps the mechanic away; saving the rust in the brakes drum linings from sticking and stoping the wheel from doing it business. It’s amazing what you learn when you set out on a Munro adventure, isn’t it?
I haven’t been going out in my van while it goes around the block to keep everything moving becuase I can’t have the heating on. That might drain the battery of energy but it’s v. v. v cold in my van in December. I stay in and curl up in front of the fire instead.
Anyway, David was giving it one of these nuture trips when it got all hot and bothered. It was very thirsty, like me and B are when we get hot, and drank all it’s coolant. I think it was also angry – a bit like B when she gets overheated – because it did a lot of hissing. The upshot was that we needed extra help this time and the RAC man came out, had one look, and said we needed to go to the van hospital.
I went down to visit it today and the upshot is…. phew, it just has a small inexpensive leak in the coolling system. My head gasket hasn’t blow, which sounds like an awfully good job and the water pump is OK too, unlike the old girls!! So, my favourite van man is going to set to work next week and my lovely red, paw-print van will be back on the forecout in now time at all, ready and waiting for our 2017 Munro adventure.

Sleeping happy


Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “Aw, my van is in hospital

  1. So it is good and bad news then Ben. It is a good time to get it fixed and thank goodness it didn’t break down when you were out and about.
    Have you had any snow in Shield Hill? I can’t remember if you like it or not.
    We had snow for 10 minutes and as I like snowI was disappointed.
    Keep warm. Love Mary


  2. Dear Ben,

    So glad the news is better than it might have been about your van. Don’t worry though.If the worst eventually comes to the worst, we shall have to buy you a new one, so that you can continue your Monro adventures.



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  3. Thank you very much David, but me & B want to see if we can my make this one last the distance. Vans cost lots of pennies and I’ve grown rather attached to my red van with all the paw prints you put on it for me. I might have to eat my words if things go badly wrong and come to with my begging bowl.

    Lots of Love, Ben xx


  4. Oh Mary,
    This van is keeping me & B and, for that matter, David on tender hooks. Something keeps going wrong but, as yet, it hasn’t been expensive to mend. I really don’t want us to break down when we haven’t got one of my van. Still, you have to be positive. If we do get stuck at least we will have somewhere to sleep 🙂

    We had very heavy snow showers on Thursday but the blue stuff kept coming over, so it didn’t accumulate to much, Yes, I love it. I go running out and kick it up in the air and I eat it but I think that makes my tummy hurt. We’ve only got a very small covering left now and, if Mr Forecast is right, it will all be washed away tomorrow. I wish I could come to Switzerland with you. There will be lots and lots of snow there but B says it would be too much for my tummy. It would be lovely to go walking on the mountains, or perhaps I could go skiing. I’m sure I would get the hang of it. Thank you very much for my slipper socks, they are brilliant.

    I had my annual injection today and I was very scared because it made me ill for a whole day last year. I didn’t like waiting in the vets and I tried to get out but, so far, I’ve been fine and that nice man Andy gave me lots of cheese, so I didn’t nip his ankles.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


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