So sorry to keep you all waiting.

Friends, collies, very slow typing humans,

This is very frustrating for me.

I spent ALL my evenings on holiday writing up my blog but my readers have to wait and wait for B to type them all up. This is out of my control but, I’m a bit worried about my customer satisfaction rating and I growing tired all the excuses; especially the work one. It seems to me that, if it is getting in the way, B should just stop doing it.

I can tell you her reply took the wind out of my sails and shut me up. It seems she has to go away every day and some nights too, to get the pennies to buy my dinner. Well I won’t say any more about that just now, but I really hope that B gets around to typing up all my hard work soon, because the third weekend makes my Munro year complete and I can’t wait for you to read all about it. In the meantime here’s a little something to wet the appetite and keep you interested.


Guess where I was and what I was doing, when B took this photo in the early morning.

Love Ben xx

3 thoughts on “So sorry to keep you all waiting.

  1. Ben are you in the Van?
    Ben just a little word in your ear. Don’t tell too many people about Bea staying out all night to earn pennies.
    Some nasty people might think that B is up to no good ! You and I know she is a teacher. xxx


  2. You got it in one Mary and I was getting lots of zzzzs.

    Golly, gosh, now you have got me thinking. I wonder what up to no good means. When I’m up to no good it generally means I’m doing a lot of jumping up and trying to get attention. Do you think that’s what B might be up to, when she doesn’t come home? Do you get lots of pennies for that? Perhaps I could earn some like that for our Munro doggy bag fund, or do you think my operation counts me out?

    Love Ben xx


  3. Dear Ben,
    We completely understand your frustration but it is true humans have to go to work to get money for dogs to be able to live a good life. So just relax and work on building yourself up for a long season in the Munros next year. We are eagerly waiting to read the report of weekend three.
    With love,
    The gang in Norfolk


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