A personal blog for a couple of special two legged things – Sue and James

Friends, collies, Sue and James,

I am so sorry to hear that Annie and Millie have both been ill again. B, David, the old girl and me, are sending you our very best wishes at this worrying time for you both. I just wanted to tell you that we do know how lucky we are when we are in loving homes, with all our needs catered for. This is espeicailly true when we have been rescued and have become the centre of a family life, after all the things that have gone before. Your dogs will never feel anything but gratitude for the TLC that you give them and they know you do your absolute best by them, always. I’m not in the least surprised that Millie had a lovely feast when you came to visit her in hospital, even though she hadn’t been eating at all, up till then.

Lots of love,                                                                                                                                                              Ben xx



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