In a strop

Friends, collies and dogs that can walk off lead,

I know B’s still got to type up my posts about my third Munro weekend but, I need to get this off my chest. I was informed through this blog, if you please, that B had gone away without me AND taken MY van. I don’t think David could bear to look me in the eye and tell me face to face. I got very angry, because I was upset; it hurt me very much. We go Munroing together it’s meant to be our thing.

(Though, if I’m absolutely honest, it was brilliant to have a weekend of quality time with David and play lots and lots of ball on Moor Divock, while having a well earned rest from those monster mountains that hurt my legs so much and make me oh so tired, ALL the time. To say nothing about the worry in case something else goes wrong with my van but… please don’t tell B)

I tried very hard to be angry when B got back. I had been practicing a deep guttural growl, which sounded quite odd coming from a nervous squeaky thing like me. Then, when I saw her, my excitement got the better of me and my waggy tail gave the game away. After lots of jumping up, and cuddles, and not giving the old girl a look in, I attempted to rescue my bruised pride with a bit of the cold shoulder treatment, but it didn’t wash.

Now I’m all confused in my heart space. I’m still hurt and upset but, at the same time I’m very relieved, which seems like a contradiction and is a lot to process. Perhaps I need Andy, my vet, to a make me an appointment with a doggy-centred counsellor.  Please, please, don’t let anyone tell you that animals don’t have feelings.

I haven’t quite decided if I can bear to hear all B’s stories and then write them up here, or if I’m going to make her get a grip and start writing up her own stories.

Now that my pack are back together I can snuggle up on the settee, while we all watch a good DVD or, more likely, catch up on a bit of the old shut eye.


Lots of Love, Ben xx




2 thoughts on “In a strop

  1. Ben don’t take it to heart.
    Maybe there was no where Bea could find for you both to have a comfortable nights sleep. I expect she felt it was time you had a break as you are still very young.
    I am sure if you listen in to David and Bea talking you will hear a good reason why she couldn’t take you. Listening to someone else conversation is called eaves dropping and is a bit rude so don’t prick your ears up too much. Better still as Maisie if she hears anything.
    Keep posting Ben as your blogs are very good. Love Mary hug hug


  2. Dear Mary,

    What sound advice. You sound like a very clued in person. Have you had to live an awfully long time to get that wise?

    Do you do a lot of that eaves dropping thing, yourself? We’ve got some eaves that are dropping but they didn’t give the game away, so perhaps that is not quite the same thing.

    I don’t think it’s much good asking the old girl if she has heard anything as she, like B, is going deaf. Mind you her ears do prick up naturally. You’re quite right, it would stand out if I did that. I’ve still got tip ears, it just one of the things that makes me look very cute, though – of course – I’m not at all vain.

    Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to reply.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


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