And the winner is

Friends, collies, Corbynites

Thank you very much to my entrants for entering into the spirit of my competition.

Golly, gosh what a lot of ideas. Why did I ever say I wanted to be a judge, it’s very hard work; almost as hard as climbing a Munro.

I find that having to pick a winner is lying a bit heavily on my shoulders and it’s all got a bit too much for a young dog like me so, I’m going to enlist the help of The Munro Society and the Scottish Mountaineering Association to see if we can have a v-v-v big competition and then someone really clever will have to be the judge. B says this is a good way of advertising our Munro challenge and spreading the word, so we can get lots more dosh, for our charities. I do hope you don’t think this is a cop out. Anyway, there will be prizes for all:
For the Cousins family there will be a nice packet of yummy treats winging its way to Tink, my erstwhile correspondent.
For Tom there will be a pint of Guinness, when he next meets B and for Mary Mc., there will be the drink of her choice on the same occasion (wish I could be there too).
B and David get the best prize of all, to keep me of course, what could be better, hee, hee.

If I’m able to get a big competition going, with a bit of a fanfare, I will be approaching a distillery to see if they will sponsor it. If so, I will put forward all your ideas and, if lucky, you might be in for a lovely dram or two, though I can’t stand the stuff myself.

These were all the ideas so far:

A Mastiff of Munrosa
A Marilyn of Munros
Munro Marauders

The singular nouns were,


Then, in a collective sense, any of the following to go with the single words above

A suffer-age of
A fellowship of
A bevy of
A bothy of
An agony of
A flaskful of
A sporran
A cleft of
An agony of
A peak of
A band of
A Compeed of
A crown of
Balls of (which I really like, given my favourite pastime, when I’m not climbing Munros, though I’ve a little reservation, given the nature of my early operation).

Also paws of for the doggy Munro climers, this was my suggestion.

Head hurts, must sleep
Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “And the winner is

  1. Judge’s decision: disqualified because of late entry and the taking of banned substances,

    (believed to be XXX Guinness).

    A judge.


  2. Dear Tom,

    how lovely to hear from you on my dog blog and all about my competition too. I’m currently looking into the use of ‘banned’ substances to give us a bit of extra ooph on the Munros. I think B could do with one or two and – you might know this- but she is especially partial to a drop of Guinnes.

    Love Ben x


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