Friends, collies and Jason (who I met today on Helvellyn),

I have been busy reliving the ups and downs of my Munro weekends as I write my blog but, I have come across 2 problems. The first is the lack of a collective term – as far as me and B know – for a group of Munro bagers.
So this is my competition. Whoever can come up with the best name – man or dog, or Tink – will get a nice juicy treat from me.
My second poblem is that B can’t get enough access to the internet, while we are away, to upload my photos. So, I will kepp all my updates in draft and publish them when I get home on Sunday week.

Can’t wait to get all your suggestions in response to my competition.

Must sleep,
Love Ben xx

2 thoughts on “Competition

  1. On the eve of your birthday, Bernadette, how about “a massif of munros”? Thank you for your birthday card; mine to you is waiting for you at the Sign of the Bitter Withy. I wish you the mellowest of days tomorrow.




  2. Dear Ben, we weren’t quite sure if we’re after a collective noun or a single word term. Anyway a brainstorm over vichyssoise tonight produced the following candidates from the Cousins:
    As for collective nouns: an agony, a flaskful and lastly a sporran.

    The Pennymoor Cousins


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