Friends, collies and darling Mimi,

Now there are two weekends I’ve got to tell you all about, but I am sooooo tierd. We have just come away on holiday with David and the old girl. I’ve been informed that we are going to do some Wainwrights for a rest. I don’t think that is very funny. I would like a bit the three S’s: Sun, sea and sand, but it’s tipping down here.

And…we’re having a bit of trouble with my blog site and I can’t add any photos at the moment for some reason. B isn’t very hot on technology so  I might not be able to add any till we get home again; blast

I hope you are settling into your new home Mimi. Take it from me and set some ground rules now. It’s much easier to get the humans to your way of thinking at the beginning, rather than having to train them later on.

Lots of love to all my fans

Ben xx




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