Here we go again

Friends, collies, Rosie,

The dust hasn’t even settled enough for me to update my blog about last weekend and here we are, off again, AND my paws are still hurting so I can’t  type much. B tells me that we have nice rounded hills this weekend, but she often changes her mind, so we will have to see where we end up . David hasn’t even had time to keep my paw prints up to date. I should have 10 now. I do hope it all calms down a bit after this.


Thank you very much to my friends for their pressies of paw prints. We’ve all had a nice time decorating my van and I don’t think we’ve finished yet.


I’m  a bit worried about the van conking out on us again but you don’t know about that yet do you? More anon. First I need my beauty sleep.


Love Ben xx

One thought on “Here we go again

  1. Gosh, you poor little dog! I do hope B. takes lots of your favourite treats with you to keep your strength up.
    Good luck this weekend with bagging some more Munros.
    Love from the gang in Norfolk which now includes Mimi who is definitely going to be a tough outdoor dog!


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