Weekend 1 – blog 3 of 4 – I did another one!

Friends, collies, swiming dogs,

You might think that climbing one Munro – for a young dog – was enough of an accomplishment for one day  but… not for me. After just a little rest we were off again, going to the other side of Loch an Daimph. Golly, gosh, it was a steep path up and B had lots of excuses for stopping: “isn’t that a lovely view” she says, or “lets take our photo”, or ” I wonder what that miniscule wild flower is called.” When all else failed she just slipped over and sat down.  If I could operate a camera I’d have loved to have taken a photo of that one ! It seemed to take an age for us to get up a relatihenly short incline.


When we got onto the shoulder (funny expression that) there were fence posts that went all the way to the top. No fence, just fence posts, which I found a bit odd but – by now – I was getting used to odd. Anyway, they would help us get down again, if the bad weather – that was forcast – set in. It was a bit clearer just at the moment and we could see where we were going for a change. I was keeping all my paws crossed that we would get back before that horrible weather came in and that’s quite difficult to do while walking up a Munro.

We still had to do quite a bit of upping before getting to the top and then out came the stick thing again! I’m beginning to think this might be a bit of a ritual. I either have to cuddle up to B for what I am told is a selfie or, I sit very still – wait, and look cute – while B walks away, turns and then does snap; with less obstrusive equipment. Either way, I find my face all over social media, so I’m determined to choose the ones I like best for my dog blog.


My second Munro is Suchd an Lochain, meaning steep conical hill of the Lochan and, to be honest, you couldn’t say fairer than that. What with walking up a big conical hill and looking down on a big Lochan.

Sadly – wrongly – dogs aren’t accredited with much aesethic appreciation. I had a good look around and it was stunning. Across what looked like v. v. v. boggy ground – which B told me was Rannoch Moor (and I hope it is off grounds, as we do our Munros) – were even bigger mountains. They were siloutteted against the sky, as the sun did battle with the clouds, trying to illuminate the peaks in shades of Sapphire but never quite making it.


I hoped we might go there one day but they looked awesome and butterflies started doing a dance in my tummy. Before they decided to go off on a tango we were doing our own  two step (or in my case, a four step!), on our way back down to my van where, thankfully, the butterflies decided on a sleep. On the way down we met a lovely woman who was missing her own dog, which was too old to do hill walking with her – just like our own old girl. The woman gave me a nice gentle stroke and lots of cuddles, which was great for settling undisciplined butterflies. Then we met a young couple who were going for a swim in a small lochan, that nestled in the arch of hills we had just walked up, it was protected by the cape of shelter they threw around it.

Now – you can imagine – my ears pricked up at the mention of swimming, but B told me she hadn’t let me see the Lochan because I had done enough exercise for one day and it was very deep. Mmm, I’ll have to think about that one. I wonder if it had more to do with being a longer way down. B couldn’t hide Loch an Daimh from me. It is huge and as it got nearer my excitement got the better of me; I hadn’t really noticed it on the way up, facing away from it. Now, I tugged very hard on the lead, to speed up the slow coach holding it but, I needn’t have bothered, because I didn’t get a swim in that one either; though I did have lots of zzz s back at base. It seems that I was going to go back for a swim, after a little rest, but it had started raining by then. I did get a SHORT game of ball, once the rain has eased off a bit. Then I had my dinner and jumped into bed, where I slept very soundly all night long, despite the basic accommodation.

There we have it, two seperate Munros in my first stupendous day.

Lots of love

Ben xx


2 thoughts on “Weekend 1 – blog 3 of 4 – I did another one!

  1. Hello Ben
    I seem to be the only one with two legs that writes to you. I would like to get another dog. I miss Finn who if you remember has gone to the spirit world. I would say heaven if I knew what you believed in,
    Anyway when we move we will get a dog. I always look to see if there is a dog at the rescue centre who because he or she is not very handsome, spends a long time in kennels waiting for a home.
    Many Humans are very prejudice you know.
    It sounds to me as if you are enjoying your mountain walks more than B as like Maisie she is getting on.
    Don’t tell B that hate those sticks she puts on the phone to take photos which are called selfies. There was no such word until a little while ago. Now I expect it is in the dictionary now..
    Take care Ben and paws crossed that the weather is better when I come up.
    Ask B to give you a treat from me and a hug. Love Mary


  2. Dear Mary,
    Please keep writing to me, I love getting your comments and encouragement. Two legged varieties use big words and it helps my vocabulary.
    What a shame about the dogs that aren’t cute enough to get homes. I know you will give one a lovely home, like the one I’ve got.
    I don’t really know what I believe in yet, because I’m a young boy. I’d go along with B, but she seems pretty mixed up herself. We both agree that being in wild, mountainous country is quite spiritual, so I’ll have a look for Fin when we are out and about.
    I got a lovely bit hug and treat just now, thank you very much.
    I am putting my two paws together to pray for good weather, when you are up. I thought I’d give it a go.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


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