Weekend 1 – I did one, blog 2 of 4

Friends, collies, Munro buddies everywhere,

This was the brilliant bit, me and B at our very best out doing hill walking though – as I’ve said in the past – it is always accompanied by lots of huffing and puffing on B’s part. Even so, I thought 6am was a bit early to have to up paws and get going. As for having my breakfast at such an unearthly hour, even my tummy can’t cope with that. Well, O.K. it did, but it didn’t feel right.

We set off from our van on a nice big safe track but soon had to turn off onto a small, easily lost path. We kept going up and up and it got all horribly wet and boggy. In fact it was horrible under paw and, for a dog that doesn’t like getting dirty paws, it wasn’t nice at all. I wonder if B would buy me some nice boots, like hers, to keep my feet dry. Though, come to think of it, wellies might be a better idea keeping me spotless up to my tummy. After the boggy bit the peaty ground got drier and very spongy. That’s when B started stumbling over what are called hags. A little while later we got up onto the ridge and it was nice to see a cairn, because that’s about all we could see up there. Everywhere was so quiet except for the two men who had passed us earlier. One of them had come to say hello to me but I told him off. All this being away and sleeping in a van is very strange and making me even more nervous that normal. Anyway, the men were ahead of us now, so we just followed them and, before you could say Munro Buddy, I was having my photo taken at the top of my very, very, very, first Munro. It is called Meall Buidhe, but you don’t say it like that and it comes out very funny in barks. It means Yellow Hill, which sounds like it is a mountain for cowards. Perhaps that is because you have already driven up to 1,200 feet or more before you start. It didn’t matter to me I felt like a little hero anyway. To make it even better the cloud moved up a bit so we could see where we were for a couple of seconds, before it closed in again.

B put her phone on that frightening long stick thing, to prove we were there but, she hasn’t got the hang of doing it properly yet. I prefer the little one where just a small extension comes towards me. It makes me look better too!

I did one!
I did one!

After this we headed back and found our path down nice and easily, beside the cairn we had passed earlier. It was so quick going down, with none of the H & P business, and before we knew it we were back to the boggy bit, except it was worse. This was because B had lost the path, which I think was very careless. We were low enough to see and B seemed confident of the direction so I didn’t worry unduly but, boy did I have a good licking, clean up session, when we got back to my van and B was having a bite to eat.

You might think climbing a Munro was enough for one day but oh no, not us. We were soon off again. More next time. Need to get my claws trimmed for more typing, but zzzzs first.

Lots of love, Ben xx


4 thoughts on “Weekend 1 – I did one, blog 2 of 4

  1. Wow Ben, how good do you look at the top of that very high hill. Your very first Munro – your mum must be very, very proud of you.
    Not to mention your mum being proud I am so proud too. You are both doing this for such a good cause to create more Purple Princesses (oh, and Princes) like me.
    You’ll get used to the muddy paws soon and if you don’t I’ll give you a few lessons when we meet. I love nothing better than getting my paws in the muddy puddles, much to my mum’s dismay.
    Lots of Love, woofs and wag of tails Bumble xxx


  2. Hi Ben,
    When we were in Aviemore in early June we saw special dog boots in a climbing shop there. You had better get B. to get you a couple of pairs to protect your dainty paws.
    Brilliant climbing by you both. We are following your climbs in a book on the Munros. We are so impressed by your achievements.
    Love from the gang in Blofield.


  3. Bark, bark, happy bark, to evey one in Blofield,

    Thank you so much for the info. I’m going to get to that shop in Avimore somehow. I only hope they don’t do dog skis. I think we are extending our selves quite enough already.

    Dear, dear Millie,
    I hear you are getting better all the time, but not quite there yet. What a time it is for your mummy and daddy. You are certainly keeping them on their toes. Aren’t we lucky to have ended up with humans who love us so much and will do everything to make sure we are happy and healthy. I don’t ever want to have to find another berth and I bet you don’t either. I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Annie sounds like someone I could run amock with. I hope she isn’t too much for you, like I sometimes am with the old girl here. I promise to try and contain myself when I eventually get to Norfold to meet you.

    B & David say to send your mummy and daddy their love.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


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