Weekend 1 – blog 1 of 4 -What a liability

Friends, collies, rescue services,

I am a bit more revived now – from our weekend in Perth and Kinross, after a nice long rest. So, let me spill the beans. I’ll come to my mountain walking in my next blog but, what can I say about being away with B? It is the loveliest and most alarming experience, all at the same time. Take Friday, for example. We left later than planned, arrived and set up van at about 7.00pm. Then, before you can say cat’s whiskers, we have to move on. After going for a walk and then looking at a notice board (on the way to which I had a slight altercation with some cattle) I am informed that we have come the wrong way. So, there is nothing for it, we have to up wheels and move on. It was nearly 11.00pm before we finally settled down for sleep and we are meant to be starting out early in the morning. This is my first picture ever of wild vanning and the second one is after B has tucked me up for sleep, in my blanket. Don’t I look snug?


Friday and Saturday were all about walking and without too many things to concern a young dog, apart from the strangeness of it all; being so far from home, sleeping in remote places in my van and missing David and – I have to say it – the old girl, so badly. Still, more about Friday and Saturday anon. Sunday was another country, metaphorically speaking (gosh, isn’t my vocabulary coming on?). I knew we weren’t getting going till later to let the worst of the weather pass over, but it got to 7.30am and I was bursting for a pee. I tried to gently nudge B and give her a hint and right enough she got up and had me out of the van in no time. She slammed the van door shut before we went off and promptly locked our van keys in the van, with all doors locked and all our worldly possessions inside. So, there we were, in a layby up in the hills, 10 miles from the nearest village. All B had in her possession was the other end of my lead. Everything, I mean everything else, was locked inside the van. I was impressed that she didn’t panic and nor did I. That’s because I’m a dog and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Fair play to her, she took me to have a nice long leak and everything else, before even thinking about her current dilemma.

What a funny day. I had a nice drive, in a big van with proper beds, to the village. I wish we have a lovely modern, warm comfortable van like that. They were very nice people who took us there and I was as good as gold. To be honest I was so confused I thought it best just to keep my head down. The people were from Holland and I think we were lucky that they would still talk to us after that referendum thing, but I won’t go on, I’ve told you my thoughts on that before. Anyway, in the village, B went to a house where there was a big car outside, with bright stripes and a thing for flashing lights on top. There wasn’t anyone in so she started speaking at the wall. You can see why I worry about her, can’t you. Then it started raining and neither of us had coats. Well, I don’t actually have a rain coat but guess where B’s was. We went and stood under a shelter thing and just stood there. B said it was like waiting for Godot, whoever he is. We waited for over an hour but got talking to some other nice people. I was on my best behaviour being so bemused by the proceedings so far. Anyway, the ankles weren’t moving so there wasn’t much of interest to excite me.

Next B went over to speak to the wall again and I began to wonder how a little dog like me would go about getting their human to a place of safety, for their own well being.; perhaps a secure unit. Anyway the long and the short of it was that we had to go to a shop, where B had to start all over again and make lots of phone calls. I could tell that 20 minutes later she wasn’t happy. Then we went and stood in the shelter again. Why B had been in a shop with lots of rain coats and come out without one was another puzzling thing about my day. I decided it was best not to think too hard. After another long wait a big van drew up, but this one didn’t have nice beds in. It had a horrible oily smell and I wasn’t allowed to sit in the front, so B sat with me among the smelly things. B told me they were tools, that would help us get back into our van. That man was a British man but he wasn’t very nice because he said I had to go in the back in case I was vicious. I didn’t like the implication. However, he went up a bit in my estimation when he got us back in our van. Sadly, we are no longer totally wind and waterproof and the lock, which wasn’t in the greatest shape is now broken, Something B has to sort out to make sure we can lock ourselves in overnight.

B has promised me she is going to get a spare key and keep it in her money belt, so we never have to miss a days walking, because she is a silly old biddy, again.

Therefore, I missed my fourth Munro. I will tell you about the ones I did in my next blog but, in the meantime, here is a picture to stir your interest. I believe it was taken on a steep path as an excuse for giving B a break. she was doing a lot of huffing and puffing at the time.


Phew, that was a long blog. I’m exhausted, must sleep.


Love Ben xx


2 thoughts on “Weekend 1 – blog 1 of 4 -What a liability

  1. I know just how B felt Ben as I have locked my keys in the car more than once.
    In fact you are lucky it was an old van and not a new one. It is very difficult to get into new cars and costs plenty of money so your treats might have had to be cut.
    I am glad you are a dog as it is very very difficult for a human not to get really upset and cross. B must love you very much as she made sure you were her number one concern.
    It must have been a bit mad when she started talking to the wall. Ben you have to learn now walls have ears! Odd I know as I have never actually seen a wall with ears, I have however heard walls talk back when spoken to. This wall must have had its ear phones on.
    You did very well Ben apart from forgetting to ignore the cattle. They can hurt you if you frighten them.
    Enjoy your rest and it is good B is getting a spare key. I wonder if there is a gadget for your collar like a locket that could hold the spare key while you are in the van. You certainly seemed comfy in your bed.
    Love Mary X X


  2. I will see if I can get one of those lockets you talk about Mary. Though I heard B say something about a money belt. I’ve got a feeling we might not loose the key again. I want an extra cuddle from you when I see you in August, to make up for my big ordeal.
    PS B is taking the toy you gave me for Christmas away with us so I can play find the sausage in the evenings, in my van. It’s a great game when I am to tired to play ball.
    Love Benx


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