4 thoughts on “Oh God, were off!

  1. Hi Ben, Whow! Exciting news. My Mum has got us a book called “The Munros” from the Scottish Mountaineering Club so that we can follow your adventures. Please let me know which you are intending to “bag” ( that is the technical term, isn’t it?) this weekend.Thinking of you, Millie P.S. I am well on the road to recovery, I am pleased to report. Thank you so much for your message. I am really impressed that you should be thinking of me when your big adventures are about to begin. You are obviously very kind. Paws tightly crossed for you. M XX

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  2. Hello Millie,

    Thank you for your good wishes. It was some weekend as you will find out in my next few blogs. I am so pleased you are getting better. I bet you are getting a lot of pampering from your mum and dad, like I did when I wasn’t well. That’s the nice bit isn’t it. It’s lovely that your mum wants to follow us up our mountains. I haven’t got my Munro book on me just now, but we were walking in Glen Lyon. When I do my next blog about the actual walking I will fill you in on the names of the mountains we did this time.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


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