Is there no end to it?

Friends, collies and Chris Froome,

O.K. I know the weather hasn’t been good and despite all the hype I still haven’t done my first Munro. You’d think that would be a nice excuse for a bit of shut eye, chill out for the weekend, with lots of yummy treats. Oh no, not us. We’ve got a whole new ball game to master. That got me fair excited. What a disappointment I was in for. Not a ball of any sort in sight. Instead there was that horrible pushing machine, with the two big round things that really wind me up. I got a ride in my van which was fab. but the wheelie thing came with us. It’s getting very busy in my van now, but I’m assured the wheelie thing won’t be sleeping with us and the boxes get moved to my seat in the front, once were parked up.


Anyway, when we got to the forest the wheelie thing got out too.  Then I had to learn about how to behave when B got up and sat on it. I couldn’t run behind because my lead got  under the wheel and I nearly choked. I couldn’t run ahead because I nearly pulled B off and I definately couldn’t run sideways on, trying to catch the feet going round in a rather frantic manner. That was a big no, no, judging by the stopping, the tone of voice and the facials.

I think I got the hang of it eventually, I had to potter alongside B and adjust my speed to hers. The best I got out of it was a bit of a canter when we were going down hill. No gallups for me, but I suppose she does well, considering her great age. I mostly did trotting and, without being smug, I was quite good at it adjusting to all the sudden variations in speed. Sometimes, without any warning at all, we would grind to a halt and then it would be back to walking. To be honest, I think that’s what B does best. I worry about her trying all these other antics.

I still think it’s a bit of a cop out though. B is going to cycle to the start of some walks, so she doesn’t have to walk so far. Get that. Now I’ve got to run instead of walk and then do lots of walking too. I’m not sure that’s fair.

I know where I’ll be going when I get back.


Love Ben x



4 thoughts on “Is there no end to it?

  1. Hello Ben

    Look out for dogs that you see in a special dog seat with wheels attached to the thing with two wheels that B rides. Bark very loudly and then whimper when you see one. You would love it as you can sit and watch other dogs that have to run, perhaps you could poke your tongue out pretending to pant.
    You never know one day when you are older you really will get one. At the moment you may just the chance to have a go in one.
    Now Ben, if you stop nipping ankles you will get very very spoilt. I know it is because you are frightened.
    There is no need to be frightened as you will be very well looked after by B even if she is very old.
    I hope to see you again in a few weeks and perhaps if I hear you have been very well behaved, I will bring special treats for you.
    Bye for now love get B to give you and Maisie lots of hugs love Mary.


  2. Gosh Mary,
    I like the sound of those special dog seats. I hope I get one before I get old.
    I am very excited that you are going to come and see me, I remember getting lovely cuddles from you before and I didn’t have to get frightened because you were very gentle. And… treats, WOW, oh WOW, ecstasy.

    Lots of love
    Ben xx


  3. Tell Maisie that I have treats for her too. Now no nipping ankles or legs Ben.
    Lots of love Mary xx


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