Holding out the paw of friendship

Friends, collies, Romanian rescue dogs and pussy cats (I can’t believe I wrote that last one),

I’ve been rather upset recently by this referendum thingy and all the hatred it has stirred up. I am, after all, a peace loving dog (saving the odd ankle or two). Anyway, I thought I would use my blog to get a few like-minded canines to put our barks together, and show these humans a thing or two about how different breeds (and even species, god help me) can rub along together. I’ve been told this social media business is very fertile ground for campaigning, though I’ve never done this sort of thing before. Seemingly, it might go viral, which sounds a bit nasty.

I’ve got a little chum called chip who had an awful life on the streets in Romania, and who needs a lot of understanding – a bit like my good self. We don’t get to play much because B is always taking me away for my Munro training, but I believe we are to go for a walk sometime. I’m going to take him some nice juicy treats to welcome him properly. Where would we rescue dogs be if no one gave us a look in? Why do all those humans take us in, even when we can be difficult, but want to keep their own sort out, even the ones who have had a horrible life. I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.

Anyway, I am holding out the paw of friendship to all comers, even those little furry things at the end of my opening salute. How are you Tink, I haven’t heard from you in a while?

You are all welcome to come and share my bed for a night or two. Not you though Tink. I’ve heard you feline’s have very sharp claws. I guess I’ll have to get you a special basket to sleep in, but you can sleep next to me and rest your head on me – none of that noisy purring stuff though.

Hope to see you for a sleep over soon.


Love Ben xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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