Bumble’s Story

Friend, collies and all literate dogs,

SANDRA BELL AND BUMBLE – Partnership study

You really MUST read my pen pal Bumble’s very own story, about her special partnership with a human  and how clever she is. Now I really understand why me and B are doing what we are and why I’m not allowed to buy any treats for myself  – even small ones – with the money’we raise. I want to help another dog, just like Bumble, to do the things she can do for someone else.

I’m very, very good at picking up balls and fetching them for B – not that she always wants them – does that make me a Canine Partner?

Thank you v v v much for buying me another brand new three new balls, Bumble. B said I’ve got so many now I’ll need to learn to juggle with them. Then she asked David if he could imagine it, all my four paws going like the clappers. I don’t think it was very nice of them to make fun of me like that, do you?

Dear Bumble, I hope your story goes viral when the papers get it and that you, and your mum, get all the publicity you deserve. I’d advise a bit of shut eye before your adventures with paparazzi.

That’s what I’m going to do right now.


Love Ben xx

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