Ben’s got balls

Friends, collies and Bumble Bell,

I’m so pleased my Bumble liked the recipe book I sent. Thank you again for the tennis balls Bumble. They are safely stashed away in the van so we won’t forget them. And you sent a pledge of more balls to come. Golly, gosh… my water bowl runneth over. That is a very good thing because all this ball chasing is very thirsty work.

Can I tell you my guilty secret? I finally did it. David is away at the moment. We went to bed in the normal way and I really was trying to snuggle up in my cushion but, there was a big gap in the bed which  was screaming at me to fill it – honestly – and… well, I couldn’t resist. B was out for the count anyway, so I just nipped up and cuddled up nice and close and didn’t move a bit all night. It was the best sleep of my life.

The weather isn’t settled enough for me and B to go and climb Munros this weekedend, so we have played loads in the garden and I’m rather tierd. I’ve eared a little rest.


Love Ben xx


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