Ben needs balls

Friends, collies and dogs that sleep in vans

During last year I thought our project was very slow to get off the ground – all talk, no walkies – but now, all of a sudden, things seem to be happening fast and I can’t keep up. First there is the fundraising target I told you about last time, which is worrying me somewhat. Then I was whisked off to meet this man who kept pointing one of those zoom things at me. B was cuddling me, which was nice for a while but then got awfully tedious. The man said the pictures of me were lovely but B needed to loosen up. Then, bloody hell, there was our photo emblazoned all over the Dumfries and Galloway Standard. I think I’m going to be famous. I hope I’ll still be able to walk down the street without being mobbed by my fans (hee, hee).

Munro Bagger

Now, WOW, WOW, WOW (woof, oh woof x3), I am so excited. B has bought me a van to sleep in when we are away on our adventure. Bumble gave me a special cushion and I’ve acquired a lovely purple blanket – though I think I might have walked in that white paint David was using because the blanket has my paw prints all over it. Anyway, B is going to sleep right next to me on a mattress and we are going to be blissfully snug. None of that hanging around around for ages while ropes and poles are confusingly assembled. I ‘ll just get back from my walk, hop in the van and that will be me for the night. Well, I suppose I might just manage to nip out again for a bit of dinner and my ablutions.


I’ve had a quick look around the van and there is a nice big box of my Wainwright in there, as well as some nice juicy treats, which is very comforting. However… big,big, however; not withstanding the nasty incident of the dog at the vet last year, there is no sign of my balls. I’ll go into meltdown if I don’t have my balls to chase after, it’s what I live for, both on land and at sea. I can’t leave it to B, she’s getting old and I can’t expect her to remember everything. So, if any one could spare me a tennis ball, I would be so happy.

Oh dear, all this fretting has hurt my head space, so I’m going to have a little rest.


Love Ben xx

3 thoughts on “Ben needs balls

  1. Hi Ben, I’ve acquired quite a few tennis balls since I came to Glasgow, they’re very careless here so I’ll make a wee parcel for you. xxx


  2. Oh Bumble,

    Thank you so much. B brought the balls back home tonight. In fact, I had a big award I was going for and part of it was that B had to prove we could play together. We had a good old game of ball with one of the tenis balls you gave me and passed that bit no bother. In fact we did pass but it wasn’t all plain sailing. I might write it up but just now I’m very tierd and need to get some shut zzz.

    Love Ben xx

    ps I’m going to keep new balls in my basket so I can keep an eye on them.


  3. Aww Ben, thank you so much for my lovely present. I know I’m clever but I think I’ll need help to use my new cookbook of wonderful doggy treats. When I make them I’ll save you some. Promise.
    I’m so glad you passed your award, you are very clever, never ever let anyone say different.
    Love The (your) Purple Princess 🐶🐝🐾🐾🐾🐾

    PS I bought you some more balls

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