What’s she gone and done now!

Friends, collies and dogs who have to walk their little socks off.

For heavens sake, what made her tell everyone that we are going to raise £32,000, in cash. How much have I got to walk for that sort of money and I bet she’s not up to it. My paws hurt just thinking about it. Now a little bit of running around, cooling off with a nice swim and keeping my head down among the woolly things – all this I can manage, especially if there’s a game of ball at the end of it, but I’ve got the feeling it’s going to get a bit more serious than this. I did try telling her she should take the old girl, when Maisie wasn’t listening, but it feel on deaf ears. Looks like it’s me & B.


More anon,

Love Ben xx

One thought on “What’s she gone and done now!

  1. Love the van, but perhaps you might get arrested as a vagrant if you spent couple of nights in Stratford on Avon in it


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