The end of my very first season

Friends, collies and jugs,

Woof, woof, woof, WOW oh WOW. I really had no idea that you could keep doing that Wainwright walking all the time, what a lot of very big hills. I’m exhausted and I’m going to take a winter break. It’s been all go since March.

Ours days take on a regular pattern, which is very comforting for me. Early every morning I am allowed up on the bed for cuddles. I used to blow it by getting very excited and jumping all over the place. Now I’m a bit older I’ve learnt that I’m meant to tuck in very close and keep still; then everything is  hunky dory. I used to upset the old girl too but these days she isn’t up on the bed, something to do with her bladder, I’m told.

Next, me and the old girl go out to do our business, just before B & Dave do theirs. But why they do it in such a small cubby hole, when there is all of the outdoors to choose from, defeats me. Why they take so long over it is another question I can’t answer. Anyway, I jump up on the bed again, waiting until we can get going for the day. Oh, I nearly forgot, all of us have a bit of breakfast too. Now, how could I forget that ?


Anyway, once parked up, we are off for the next six or seven hours and I give my bladder a lot of exercise. There are all the lovely scents and I just have to add my own; then there are all those wonderful cairns and summit peaks I must put my mark on.  Of course there is the big, big expanse of everything; where does it all come from? Is is truly mind boggling.  Along the way there are lots of lovely treats and we always sit down for  a spot of lunch too, knowing this is where we all feel our best and it is where we belong.

Most times we are all together and that is my favourite, but sometimes B & me go off for even longer walks, when we get as high as you can possibly get, which is also great fun. On yet other days, me and B set off and then, after lots of hours of walking, Dave and the old girl pop up out of nowhere. I don’t know how that can happen but I like it very much. You should see me. I get let off my lead, for once, and I go bombing over to Dave; I love him so o o o o much. After that B keeps calling me Mercedes. I believe there’s a Mercedes Ben, who I think he must be a very, very fast dog indeed. B says it’s better that being a Volkswagen these days. I don’t know what type of dog that is but I just like being me, walking with my pack, in the Wainwrights.

The very best bit of all is always water, water, water. How could I know if it’s a proper tarn, or a big lake, or just a bit of a dip that the rain filled up? If I can just get in and splash about I’m as happy as Larry, whoever he might be. In the very big waters, B throws  my toy so far out that my heart misses a beat and my tummy goes all jingly but, then I just go for it. Who could believe that, not long ago, I wasn’t brave enough to paddle a few feet out, needing the certainly of rocks beneath my paws.


After all the walking comes my dinner and boy am I ever ready for that; then there is the question of the pub, but that is a bit of a hit or miss affair for me. Sometimes I get to go and sometimes I don’t. I think it may have to do with how tired I am likely to be. The longer our walk the more likely I am to get into the pub. Can’t fathom that one out at all. On the days I stay home with B, she does a lot of writing. I have a sneaky suspicion it might even be about me.

Then after Dave and the old girl get back from the pub, and the humans have their dinner, we all tuck up to watch some flashing lights and hear strange voices on the screen thingy. Truth be told , we don’t often see much of it and it is sometimes the early hours of the morning before we wake up with our bladders bursting. Me and the old girl go to the big outdoors, while B & Dave go to their silly cubby hole.

Then it’s time for two choc drops and proper bed.

That’s our routine and I love it. It’s the best routine in the world.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Night, night,


Love Ben xx






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