Oh dear, silly me!

Friends, collies, not very clever dogs,

I’ve been feeling a bit humiliated since my last blog and think I might have over reacted a bit, to B going away. Apparently, we have to get all the Munros done by 2024 and B had to get at least one done before 16th September this year, so that it really is a ten year project.
When she came home we had big cuddles. I couldn’t help myself, even though I was still hurt and upset. Cuddles are just irresistible.
Afterwards, B told me a story. It was all about a very young dog who found a new home. He was a lovely dog but he had to learn all about living among humans, in their houses (with the delightful soft furnishings). It seems this dog didn’t have very good manners at first. He even upset an old dog – who already lived there – quite a few times. In fact he was a bit wild. He had to learn all about being friendly, but not too friendly, with people, and how to get on well with other dogs. Seemingly, he had just missed out on having on having to learn about being nice to cats, which seems a step too far; excepting yourself, of course, Tink. As if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with, he had to learn about coming back when humans called him and not chasing woolly things. Do you know something, this dog was beginning to sound like a dog I could relate to.

Anyway, the doggy’s mistress had a big project on the go and she had wanted this unruly scamp to be her buddy for the great adventure. However, he was taking a bit of time to get ready and because she had a stating date, as well as a deadline, she had to get going without him. Actually, there were a few walks where her buddy couldn’t go anyway, so she left him briefly and did one of these.


Then, WOW, WOW, WOW – Woof oh Woof – the penny just dropped. That doggy IS ME. I felt even sillier then, but we had a good laugh about it all. B told me that, because we have spent so much time together, she hasn’t got all her publicity for the project done. She is going to do it this winter and I might even be in some photos.

Me and B want to raise lots of money so that wonderful dogs, like my pen pal Bumble, can be their owners right hand helpers. Did you know that canine partners can even use a money card to help draw out cash to buy their own food. How clever is that? I have the feeling that if I could do that I would end up v v v full.


You can find out much more about those brilliant dogs here, if you have a human to help you.


I asked B if I could be a canine partner but she told me I might not have quite the right temperament, though with my cute face I might gets lots of money. It’s hurting my head a bit that. The thought of earning lots of money and not spending it on yummy food for me.

Better lie down


Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “Oh dear, silly me!

  1. lovely Ben,

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of over reacting every now and again, we all do it from time to time.

    I remember how I felt when after 14 months of being in a lovely house with my puppy family I ended up in a big fancy place with lots of other dogs. I was so worried because I didn’t know where I was. Then a lovely man called Stephen kept asking me to open doors and pick things off the floor. I thought to myself, really I’m a dog (or princess to those how know me well) you can’t possibly expect me to do these kinds of things. But like you the penny finally dropped that I was here for a reason, I was going to be a Canine Partner, so gradually I started to learn my new skills.

    The day finally came when I was ready to meet my new mummy who travelled for miles and miles to come and get me. I wasn’t 100% sure at first what I thought of my new mum she had a really strange accent that I couldn’t quite understand – I think it’s a Scottish accent but I’d never heard one before. After 2 long weeks, where both of us worked very, very, very hard together – I was opening doors for her, picking up anything she dropped (and believe me she drops a lot!), using my paws to open the automatic doors and so much more. We were told we had passed our Bronze Award and I could now officially wear my purple coat in public – I was so excited and my new mummy was smiling so much too (I must have been making her happy).

    I have been home with her for 16 weeks now and things keep getting better by the day. Like you I am still young and still learning but one thing I know I am very good at is giving cuddles and being there every day for my Mum when she needs me.

    I can’t believe you and B are going to walk so many big hills to try and raise money for dogs like me, you are going to have so much fun – imagine all the things you will see and the people you will meet.

    You are a very special dog Ben and I can’t wait to meet you soon to say thank you in pawson. Think of the fun you and I will have running about together sharing our tails.

    PS – Please give B a cuddle from me, I probably should confess now I’ve had a cuddle from B and she gives very good cuddles and loves you very much, you are a lucky boy


  2. Ben,
    I really understand your problem with these humans who can be so limited in their understanding of us dogs!
    In my case my lot will insist on keeping me on an extending lead in the woods and across the fields, especially at dusk. This is because I just have to put up pheasants and partridges. It is my DNA to do this but I just cannot get that through to the humans I live with. They say that I would be gone for hours if they let me off. Does that matter? No, of course not. But still I have to be on that lead. If you can get your people to bring you to visit me in Norfolk I will demonstrate what a hellish time I have
    Stay strong and determined to be true to your nature which has taken centuries to perfect.
    With best wishes,
    Millie, the Working Cocker


  3. Aw Bumble,

    What a time you’ve had and what an amazing dog you are.

    The only things I pick up off the floor are bits of food that B & David drop. Even then I have a scrap with the old girl over them, but I always win! As for doors, I’m mainly being shown the other side of them, particularly when I’ve gone a bit overboard with the old girl. I think you are so clever to open doors. I kept trying to jump up and push that handle thing down but it never worked. I made a lovely scraping noise down the varnished door with my claws though. I’ve given up trying now and, for some reason, it seems to have made everyone a lot happier.

    B did fess up to me about the cuddles but I said that was OK because I could smell what a lovely girl you are. Perhaps your mum will give me some cuddles when we meet up.

    We are both lucky dogs to have humans who love us so much. I’m up one of the delicious soft furnishings getting a cuddle just now and it’s so much nicer than the barn, where I started out.

    Love Ben xx


  4. Great advice Mille,

    You sound like a very well grounded Cocker and I would love to meet you. What larks we would have. I’m sure we could escape the humans and you could go after the birds, while I sort any wooly things you have down there.

    I’ve been told Norfolk is a lovely place and I’m hoping my humans will take me there in 2016.

    Love Ben x


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