She did one without me

Friends, collies, deserted dogs everywhere

Can you believe it! All this talk about getting me ready and endlessly, ruthlessly, correcting my behaviour. The indignity of being shouted at, having strangers making me do silly exercises, which hurt my head and now, having to walk NICELY on a lead. These insults restrain my natural inclinations and curb my spirit. All this for a purpose I had been convinced about. Me and B, up on the high hills, soaring the sky, as the wind ruffles our fur and the sun sends down rays of happiness to strengthen our bond. All those promises of paw dipping in copious burns and swimming in mountain lochs, all gone – evaporated, despite the bravery it took me to overcome my considerable fear.

I am beside myself with grief. I waited and waited and waited for her to come home tonight so we could play our games. A bit of hide and seek, or jumping, or chasing ball – preferably all three. Tonight she didn’t come at all. When I eventually gave up pacing the floor Dave told me the brutal truth. B had gone away for a night and a day, to do one of our Munros without me.  I am barkless. Barks just can’t express how I feel. There are no barks for it.

Through all my trails and tribulations I have never let myself become depressed, but now the black dog has consumed me.

I’m going to bed and I might not get up tomorrow.



Love Ben xx

PS Perhaps David will go and ask Andy if he has some tablets I can take to help me feel better.

2 thoughts on “She did one without me

  1. Aw Ben that’s awful, if you need a pair of golden fluffy ears to talk too I’m here. How could you mum go and leave?

    Love Bumble x


  2. Oh Bumble, that’s lovely, thank you. I’ve heard that we are going to meet up very soon and I’m really excited. I can tell you all about it then, I may have jumped to some wrong conclusions and will have to correct my blog soon.
    Love Ben xx

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