Friends, collies, even tempered dogs

I know a young dog shouldn’t swear but I just feel hopeless. All my life it’s been one paw forward, three paws back, or that’s what it feels like and I’m losing faith that one day it will all come right. I’d better fess up, as they say.
We were in the place we normally walk when we are not at the Wainwrights. The forest, with all the scrumptious trees for me to cock a leg at. Today though, we hadn’t even got that far. Just as David was attaching my lead up popped a two legged thing. He was just so threatening that I saw the red colour again. I dashed straight out of the car, rushed straight up to him and nipped those horrible hairy legs. I couldn’t be contained. I just kept jumping at him and barking.
I don’t know why I get so scared sometimes, I just do and then I forget to put my brain in gear first, even though we Border Collies are renowned for having a big head, full of brains. Mine doesn’t seem to have fully developed yet.
My world is a big scary place with something always cropping up to spoil my equilibrium. It’s not easy being a young nervous dog.
And, now I’ve started having nightmares about woolly things with ginger beards.


Please don’t give up on me.

Love Ben xx

4 thoughts on “SH..

  1. Oh Ben,
    It is going to be a muzzle next, isn’t it? Your poor Mum and Dad must be worried sick about you and where this could lead, nipping people is definitely NOT a good idea.
    Get a grip, lad, and NOT of other people!
    Love from Millie, Bonnie and Annie in Norfolk


  2. Well Ben if it’s any comfort I am also somewhat in the doghouse (cathouse?) at the moment. My two legged feeders don’t seem to quite appreciate that a cat gets bored of eating inert food and that she has an urge to hunt. They seem not to appreciate it when I being them in 2-3 mice and shrews a day and some of those I leave alive for them to practice their hunting skills. Good luck with the whole obedience thing, if you can get it perhaps I’ll send you up some small mammals as no one round here seems to want them.
    Miaow for now,


  3. Dear Millie, Bonnie And Annie,

    Thank you for reading my blog and sending your sound advice. Perhaps I will be able to control my instincts as I get older. I do hope so because I really love B & Dave and I don’t want them to gives up on me. Do you think they will stick by me?
    Love Ben xx


  4. Hello Tink,
    Lovely to hear from you again. Mammals for tea, yes please. My tummy is never full. If me and B stay at a mountain bothy I will see if I can catch a Scottish variety for you. I’ll put it in my panniers and no one will be any the wiser. I just need to get the postal thing sorted. B says it might be nationalised again now, whatever that means. Do you think that is a good thing? What do your people say?
    Love Ben xx


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