I year old and looking for fun

Friends, collies, all birthday dogs

Today was fab and there were no nasty incidents. AND, there is BIG, BIG news. We did lots more walking and I kept my nose clean all day. Along the way we stopped to play at two mountain tarns. Guess what, I did it, I did it, I did it. I lunged after the toy and my feet were clear of the bottom. How scary is that. I kept my legs going like I was running very fast and my tummy was in my mouth, which is a funny place for it. Somehow I managed to turn around and kept going like the clappers for the shore. I did it lots more times and now I can do it anytime.


The old girl will never swim as fast as an athletic dog like me, so I made up a song. “The toy on the tarn is all mine, all mine, the toy on the tarn is all mine.” I hummed it all the way home.
I’ll tell you what all this walking and swimming makes a young dog exceptionally tired.
Fell into bed


Love Ben xx

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