A very good day

Friends, collies, Search and Rescue dogs

Well today was special. I did a fell walk that included a very big climb and a mountain tarn, as well as meeting lots of people and dogs. It didn’t start quite so well because B put that horrible thing on my back. It sticks out at the sides and I keep bumping into things. The thing I really object to is that it makes me look stupid and Border Collies are anything but stupid. Still, I got used to them and it didn’t spoil my day.

IMG_0021   IMG_0023

I must have done everything right because everyone was happy today and I even got to play with the old girl a bit. Actually, she has gone up in my estimation (a bit). B threw a toy of ours into the middle of a big water and the old girl just jumped in and went out for it; she couldn’t even put her paws on the ground. I wasn’t so sure. I wanted to get it (and I know I could have beaten her to it), but I don’t like it if I streach my paw out and it can’t touch the bottom. I get a bit scared. Please don’t tell anyone because I don’t like to admit this.
At the end of the day I got so many cuddles and I heard words that sounded like St. Sunday Crag, Fairfield, Helvellyn and maybe (in a whisper) the Munros.
I think that was a good thing.

Back at the van and very tired, so gone to bed early.


Love Benxx

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