Picking up my pen again

Friends, collies and in memory of the amazing Lottie,

Hello again everyone. I am so sorry for my long absence but, since my last blog, I’ve been all out of sorts. My life went pear shaped and it’s taking me some time to recover. I’ll start catching up now, to let you know what’s been happening to me and how my Munro project is (or isn’t) shaping up.

Anyway, first of all, out went the long walks, the scampering about after a juicy scent and, of course, my fascination with the woolly things. In came strict discipline and me such a little boy. It was a nasty shock to the system. Getting out was OK but it was for such short spells of time, doing very odd training exercises. Then I had to come home and go into my crate. I get SOOOoooo bored indoors. Though I have to admit those exercises did my head in and I was very tired.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I could see the point of them but, honestly, why would I lie down while the old girl walks in a big circle all around me? I keep getting up, wanting to join in the fun, but apparently, that’s not right. I’m just meant to lie there like a numpty. Hasn’t anyone told her I am a Border collie, I don’t do just lying there. Then – and this insults my built in desire to chase – I’m meant to stay sitting there, like the same numpty, while she throws my ball away from me. I can’t get the hang of that one at all. Me and running after balls is what life is all about. I have to confess that when I do things right the treats are amazing. I think I heard her call my favourite one beef. Does that mean anything to you?

After all of this we play a REALLY stupid game, called treasure hunt. She has lots of little treats and she keeps scattering them on the ground. Then she helps me find them all. Why I ask myself. Why doesn’t she just give them to me in the first place? I’m sure all that bending isn’t good for her back. It’s called a bonding game but honestly, I’m not into all that sort of thing at all. Finally, we do lots of walking around in big squares on the end of an enormously long lead. The trick is to keep following her and then I get lots of treats (not very high value ones though). I must admit to getting side tracked by my nose a lot, but I’m getting the hang of it, I think.

Anyway, you can see why it’s doing my head in.


Chilling out in bed

Love Benxx

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