Holy Moses

Friends, Collie dogs, gentlemen,

Tablets of stone… I know all about those, they don’t move much. Just like the couple I’ve ended up with. We go out for a walk in Wainwright country and I give myself over to it’s wondrous qualities. I just pick up the best smell, get my nose down and let it take me where I will. Blow me down they are miles behind, barely in sight. I’ve sort of grown to love them and I feel responsible for them, so I have to keep an eye on them. So, turning necessity into opportunity, I go all sweet and waggy as I run back to  them. It does the trick every time, a yummy biscuit, or a smashing piece of cheese (my favourite) when I’ve come a VERY long way. Except when I knock the old girl over on the way back. Oh blimey, that’s big trouble. This running back to check on them goes on all day and I get oh so tired. I’m still in doggy kindergarten after all.

What a big garden Wainwright country is. When I lift my nose from the scent trail I see those huge mountains all around me. Magnificent they are but they do make me feel like such a little dog. I don’t know who made them but they must be pretty awesome.

It’s all a tad overwhelming.

I’m off to bed.


Love Ben x

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