Friends, Collies, Dobermans,

Oh dear Dog. I’m trying my best but it’s one step forward and two steps back. I took the old codger out this week and, would you believe it, he forgot my ball. I’m afraid there wasn’t anything for it but I had to teach him a lesson, so I went AWOL a few times – had him in a real panic. I’m afraid I was in a strop and wasn’t very nice. I got quiet shirty with a few of the two legged things, which is fair enough, but I also had a go at some of my compatriots and I feel bad about that. But, what can a ball less dog do? Oh, ouch… I don’t think I want to go there.

As for the old biddy. She is easier to work with – treats in every pocket; I can’t put a foot wrong in that direction. The best bit is when the light box goes on at night time. Then I jump up next to her and put my head on her lap. She strokes it tenderly all night. Now, that’s what I call SUCCESSFUL training.

From one bed to another.


Love Ben xx

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