Home at last

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Friends, Collies and agility dogs

I have now arrived in the land of Wainwright but I have the feeling that we may have different priorities. Mine are Wainwrights dog food first, then walking Wainwrights fells (they’ve got all the books, so we don’t get lost) and then a nice sojourn in the pub. Sometimes they give me just a taste of Wainwrights ale, by dipping my raw hind bone in it. However, they seem fixated on walking first, drinking next and eating last. How am I ever expected to understand that? Funny old life this, rubbing along on different planets: Mars, Venus and Pluto.

I’m adjusting fast though and have taken to it, like the old girl to mountain tarns. I’m enjoying it immensely. I devour my grub and relish bounding about all over the hills, with the old girl. And, the smells, did I tell you about the smells? A delicious cocktail of 2 parts fox, to 1 part of deer and topped up by lashings of Herdwick and, when the old girl rolls in it, dear dog, I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Also, I think I’ve even managed to transfer some of my training to a more distracting environment, so I feel very pleased with myself. I do have to keep on top of it. If the treats dry up I start playing hide and seek, running out of sight for a while. Then, when I come back, I’m sure of a  nice juicy treat. I’m so pleased I read those books by human behaviourists, before I started. I’d be lost without understanding what motivates the human species.

Going to bed


Love Ben x

2 thoughts on “Home at last

  1. Sounds like you’re slowly getting the hang of things young Ben. Have you had any dealings with the smaller type of humans yet, you know, the noisy ones? Only we’re thinking of bringing a couple up to visit in the summer. We shall try to keep the noise to a minimum and make sure they come up armed with treats for you and the older one.


  2. Dear, dear Chris

    I’m so glad you’ve been properly trained. Treats will do the trick every time. I’ve seen lots of the smaller variety and I’ve no objection at all. It would do me good to get to know some really well. I’ve heard about this summer jaunt and I’m so excited already. To be honest it’s all a bit quiet with the old folk at home. A young boy like me needs a bit of excitement in his life. I think I’m going to the pub tonight so that should perk me up.

    Love Ben x


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