In the beginning

Well, hello there,


Here I am, having fetched up in Scotland. This is my fourth home in six months, not bad going for a little fella. First, there was my mum and my siblings – all cuddles and playing and, if I’m honest, a bit of nipping here and there. Never with any malice and it was great fun. Then I started life with those human things. Funny creatures really, whom I haven’t quite fathomed yet, but they do a wonderful line in soft furnishings. I didn’t fit in at the first place. I kept hearing the words boundless and energy; somehow, I don’t think they were compliments. Next I went into foster care and now I’m officially a rescue dog. There’s a bit of a stigma, but I’m determined not to let it hold me back. In fact, I’m rather hoping I can work it to my advantage.

Now, I’ve arrived over the Border and, as they say, Scotland is another country. I’ve been told it was nearly more of another country, but I was too young to be interested in politics then. Anyway, it’s not a bad berth here and I hope I can stay for a bit, after all the moving around. There’s an old Collie bitch, who seems very laid back (by comparison with me anyway!); she’s a bit of a push over really. Then there are the two human thingys and they are putty in my paws. They thought they could shut me up at night but I soon chewed through my soft crate and now I’m down beside their bed, in a nice little number called my cushion. It’s OK for now, but I’m just biding my time. If the old girl is allowed up on the bed it won’t be long before… if you get my drift? Speak again soon,

Lots of love, Ben of the Beinns xx

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